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About Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument
407 West Vine Street
Hatfield, Pennsylvania 19440
[1] 215 362-3500
[1] 215 362-3745 (fax)

Brooks Instrument manufactures a broad line of flow measurement and process control equipment. The company’s flowmeters include Coriolis, variable area, and positive displacement types. Brooks specializes in low-flow (2”/50mm or smaller) devices. The company also produces thermal mass flow controllers, magnetic level gauges, liquid and gas calibrators, flow controllers, pressure regulators, valves, and secondary instrumentation. In addition, Brooks now offers the Key Instruments division’s line of variable area and differential pressure flowmeters.

History and Organization

Brooks Instrument was originally known as the Brooks Rotameter Company, and was founded by Stephen A. Brooks in 1946 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Brooks later became the first instrumentation company in the world to be certified to ISO 9001 quality standards. Today, the company operates facilities in the United States, Japan, The Netherlands, Singapore, Korea, and China. The firm maintains a worldwide sales and support network of representatives. 

Brooks Instrument became a part of Emerson’s group of flowmeter companies in April 2001. This group included Rosemount, Daniel Industries, and Micro Motion. This affiliation remained until December 31, 2007 when Brooks Instruments was sold to American Industrial Partners Fund IV for approximately $100 million. 

In May 2009, Brooks acquired, Key Instruments, Inc., a variable area flowmeter manufacturer based in Trevose, PA offering precision machined acrylic and molded plastic, glass tube meters, and electronic flowmeters as well as flow control valves for medical, industrial, water, chemical, and laboratory applications. Key Instruments is now a division of Brooks.

In June 2009, Brooks acquired pressure gauge products through its acquisition of certain assets of Celerity’s Instrumentation division and in March 2010 opened a new production line for the product family at its headquarters in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

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